Looking for fresh meal ideas? Cooking blogs and websites are a great resource. Not only do they provide recipes, but also drool-worthy photos that are sure to inspire your next cooking adventure!

Being a cooking aficionado, I have browsed through hundreds of cooking blogs. My search usually starts with an inspiration — maybe it’s strawberry season, or I want to try a Thai dish, or I want to make a soup because it’s cold outside… Once I’ve figured out what I want to cook, I’ll hop on the Internet to see what it has to offer.

Mango Almond Chia Pudding Overhead

Sometimes, I’ll follow a recipe exactly. But I’ll often make my own recipe from a few different ones I’ve found. Cooking is flexible and most recipes are forgiving. Use your previous cooking experience to help you navigate new ingredients. Most importantly, enjoy the cooking process!

One Pot Lentil Veggie Stew

Best of luck and bon appetite!


This giant encyclopedia of recipes come with user reviews to help separate the studs from the duds. The advanced search option also lets you filter foods by dish type, dietary concerns, ingredient, cuisine, technique, meal or course, and popularity.


An Aussie website that specializes in food and stories behind food. I love the Australian food culture because it’s so multicultural, just like Canada’s. I’m constantly inspired by the recipes that combine ingredients from different regions of the world, like this quinoa risotto.

Rasa Malaysia

If you’re looking for delicious Malaysian, Chinese, and Continental recipes, look no further. This website has over 1200 delightful options for you to choose from. I love how easy and tasty the recipes are!

Serious Eats

With culinary heavyweights like J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and Ed Levine behind the project, this website takes food to another level. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to learn how to steam vegetables in the microwave, or on the hunt for the perfect vegan ramen recipe, Serious Eats has got you covered.

Smitten Kitchen
I love the witty writing and heartfelt everyday stories that Deb shares along with her fantastic recipes. Bonus points for having a beautiful collection of vegetarian recipes, including this 20-minute dinner special: quick pasta and chickpeas.

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