Halloween means pumpkin carving, having an excuse to dress up (or down), and oh yeah… lots of inexpensive candy.

Walking into a grocery store, one is surrounded by shelves full of miniature chocolates, fruit gummies, and individually wrapped sweets. And guess what? They’re all ON SALE!

Are you feeling tempted yet?

Photo of a jack o lantern by Martin Fisch. Used under license
Photo by Martin Fisch. Used under license

It’s challenging to stay on track with healthy eating behaviours (especially if they’re new to you). And it’s even more difficult if you’re surrounded by sweets everywhere you go– at work, home, or school.

Research shows that our environment influences our food choices, so it’s no surprise that you’re hearing that mini Kit Kat bar calling your name from the kitchen.

What can you do enjoy candy sensibly (without letting it take over) this Halloween? I have 3 tips that can help!

Tip #1: Invest in healthier treats

Why not try giving away mandarin oranges, individually packaged crackers, fortune cookies, or granola bars this season instead of candies or chocolates? They’re a healthier choice for the kids, and you too (if you tend to snack on them, not that you do. Right?).

Tip #2: De-stress

If you’re an emotional eater, you know that feeling stressed often leads to overeating and even binge eating. As fun as it is, Halloween can be stressful too. Before you reach into that candy jar to self-sooth, ask yourself “Am I feeling stressed? How else can I deal with this situation?”

Tip #3: Give Yourself Permission to Indulge Responsibly

Yes, it’s absolutely okay to enjoy candy / chocolate every once in a while! Having a few treats this Halloween can fit into an overall healthy diet, and eating a chocolate cupcake with orange frosting does not mean you’ve “failed” or somehow became a “bad” person. To fully indulge, smell the food before eating, then close your eyes and savor the flavour and texture of the treat!

Even if you feel like you’ve had one too many (and let’s face it, we’ve probably all done it), there’s no reason to beat yourself up. Instead, learn from what happened, and know that you will have more opportunities to make better decisions in the future.

With love,

Want to learn more about mindful eating and how it can help you build a better relationship with food? Check out eating mindfully, listening to hunger and satiety cues, and snacking wisely!

Happy Halloween! Now, What do I do with all this Candy?
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