My mission is to help you eat better, live better.

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Guiding Principles at Mindful Nutrition

  • Non-Judgemental “I’m here to support you.”
  • Collaborative “Let’s work together to find options that fit your life.”
  • Effective “This will help improve your sense of well-being and your overall health.”

Nutrition Counselling Services

  • Through individual nutrition counselling, you are empowered to begin dietary and lifestyle changes that can make a positive impact on a variety of diseases and health conditions, including:

    • Emotional eating
    • Binge eating 
    • Restrictive eating 
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Senior’s health
    • General healthy eating & meal planning
  • In addition to providing personalized nutrition assessment and evidence-based nutrition recommendations, I also teach mindful eating skills that will help you tune in to your body’s hunger and satiety cues, make wiser food choices for yourself in everyday life, and reduce overeating.
  • Registered dietitian services may be covered by your extended health plan, and are tax free and tax deductible. 
  • All your personal and medical information will be handled in a strictly confidential manner. 
Curious about what your appointment might look like? Take a look at this video! 


Mindful Eating Package  

  • Are you ready to honour your inner voice? 
  • Have you tried other diet programs but failed in the past?
  • Are you looking for a long-term solution, and not a short-term fix?
  • Do you want someone to help keep you accountable as you adopt new habits?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, the Mindful Eating Package may be a good fit for you. Commit yourself to this program, and you may make and keep dietary changes you never thought possible. Whether you’re looking to prevent chronic illnesses, manage a nutrition-related health condition, or establish a diet that allows you to thrive in all aspects of your life, I can work with you to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Over the course of 9 sessions, I will:

  • Share mindfulness and mindful eating strategies that help improve binge and restrictive eating habits
  • Talk about which foods to eat to help you balance energy needs and manage chronic health conditions
  • Help you plan sustainable healthy eating habits that fit your life, whether you’re a busy professional, a new parent, or recently retired
  • Empower you to make wise food choices while dining out and grocery shopping

What Does This Package Include?

  • One 60-minute initial consultation, including a nutrition, eating behaviour, and lifestyle assessment. 
  • Eight 60-minute sessions where I guide you through mindfulness and mindful eating experiences. 
  • Take home experiential learning assignments: guided meditations, mindful eating, journalling. 
  • Accountability check- ins between sessions. 
  • Contact me for your free phone/ Skype consultation


A La Carte 

Initial Session  ($100)
  • The initial session will help you to understand your nutritional needs, learn about dietary strategies that you can use, and feel confident about making dietary changes in your life.
Follow-up Session  ($60)
  • During the follow-up session, we will reflect on your progress in the past few weeks and discover ways to build upon success in the future.

Contact me for a free consultation and start building a healthy, rewarding relationship with food today.