One of the benefits of maintaining a mindful eating practice is the feeling of peaceful contentment that arises during and after a meal. 

What is Peaceful Contentment? 

Peaceful contentment sounds like “ah, I’ve provided what my body needed.” It is free of the guilt of overeating, and the tensions of restrictive eating. Peaceful contentment is a sign that you’ve nourished your body appropriately. This feeling is a reward for good self-care. 

How to Create Peaceful Contentment? 

This peaceful contentment arises from assessing and meeting your body’s needs. A mini-meditation prior to eating can help you to tune in. A mini-meditation involves taking several deep breaths to soften your body. Then notice any thoughts or feelings that are with you. During this scan of your body and mind, you may become aware of triggers that lead to overeating or restricting. For instance, aches and pains, excitement, or boredom, or thoughts about wanting to look a certain way. Once you’re consciously aware of your physical and emotional needs, it becomes possible to attend to them with a loving kindness that is less likely to involve overeating or restricting. 

Another part of cultivating peaceful contentment choosing the right foods that nourish. Often, this means a diet that’s rich in whole foods. Grains, vegetables, and legumes are good foundations of a healthy diet. Fruits, meats, and dairy products can also be a part of it. Choosing these foods will help reduce your risks of chronic illnesses, while providing you with energy to fuel your daily activities. Eating this way also gives you variety and balance.  

If you’re new to this practice of mindful eating, it will take a while to get comfortable with it. Habits are hard to change. Hiccups are expected. In fact, they are a sign that you are working in the right direction. On the days that you don’t feel like eating mindfully, trust that you will find your way back to this practice on your own time. 

Enjoy Peaceful Contentment  

Food and eating can be a place where many people struggle. It doesn’t have to stay that way. You can feel happy and at peace with your food and your eating habits. Begin by paying attention to your physical and emotional needs. Then feed your body a plant-based diet. And you’re on the path of food happiness. 

Finding Peaceful Contentment with Food