Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? You might be buying presents for family and friends, heading to holiday parties, or making travel plans for the upcoming break. Slow, mindful eating is a powerful antidote to the busy holiday season. It helps you to control your portion sizes, feel satisfied after eating, and savor the magic of the holidays. 

Slow Mindful Eating
Slow mindful eating helps you to control portion sizes, feel satisfied, and fully savor this magical holiday season.

Taking time to eat is beneficial for your physical health and mental well being. Eating slowly improves the digestion process. It can help prevent indigestion, heartburn, and that “brick in my stomach” feeling that comes from eating too much, too quickly. Slowing down gives you more opportunities to notice the physical sensations of fullness. Paying attention to these signals as you eat can help you to feel satisfied, without over-, or under-eating. Eating slowly and mindfully provides an opportunity to relax. It can give you a feeling of calm and peacefulness, and helps replenish your mental energy to face life’s challenges. 

Looking to get started with slow, mindful eating? Check out my tips below! 

Dietitian’s Tips for Slow, Mindful Eating
    1. Minimize Distractions: put away your phone, turn off your computer screen– do what you need to so you can focus on the food in front of you.
    2. Say Thanks: before eating, consider for a moment who was involved in bringing this meal to you, and send some gratitude to everyone who made this possible (including yourself!).
    3. Taste Your Food: as you chew, notice the textures and flavours– does it change from the beginning of a bite to the end? Does it change from bite to bite?
    4. Take a Pause: Halfway through your meal, put down your cutlery and take three deep breaths. Check in with your body– how full are you feeling? How hungry are you feeling?
    5. Make it Social: Having a meal with a group of people? Share what you notice about your food! This is fun in a restaurant. Ask others what they notice about theirs and what they like or dislike about it. 
Why not try some of these strategies for dinner tonight or at lunch tomorrow? And leave a comment below if you have tried it– did you find it helpful for getting you to eat better? I’m interested in hearing your experiences! 

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Healthy Holiday #4: Slow, Mindful Eating
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