Photo by Quinn Dombrowski
Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Do you get the munchies?

A desire to reach for a little something between meals?

Or to enjoy a snack before bed?

Snacking can be a wise decision to ward off hunger until your next meal. But sometimes, snacks contain extra energy, fat, sugar, or salt that our bodies don’t need.

Healthy eating is all about working with your body, treating it the best you possibly can.

To handle the munchies while maintaining your healthy lifestyle, read on!

Tip #5- Am I hungry?

Sometimes, food serves as a distraction from boredom or stress. Other times, having a snack may have become part of the daily routine. Or, perhaps the urge to eat comes from being surrounded by people who are snacking. Check in with yourself and find out if you’re truly hungry before taking a snack.

Tip #4- Choose the BEST Snack

Snacks can be a great opportunity to include missing foods. Try mango or cantaloupe to boost your beta carotene intake and support eye health. Or a glass of milk / fortified milk alternative for some vitamin D & calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. During a special occasion with a variety of snacks available (think: office party), pick a couple of the most appealing treats and stick with those.

Tip #3- Be Prepared

A little planning can pay off big time when it comes to healthy eating. If there’s long time before your next meal, pack a snack and you’ll be ahead of the game. Some of my favourites include granola bars, mandarin oranges, and carrots.

Tip #2- Don’t Multitask

There’s a Zen proverb that goes “when walking, walk. When eating, eat.” Snacking is one way that we nourish our body. Eating while watching a show, working, or reading takes away from the experience of both tasks. So turn off the screen, move away from the desk, put down the book, and tune in to eating to get the most out of your food.

Tip #1- Leave Room for More

My number one tip? Snack until you’re no longer hungry, but nowhere near full. Explore what half full feels like for you – how is it different from hungry, or from very full? Learning to stop snacking at half full helps prevent excessive calorie intakes and leaves you feeling energized (not sluggish) afterwards.

Keep up the healthy habits you’ve already included in your life, and consider one of these suggestions the next time you experience the munchies.

Snacking the SMART Way
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