Do you need a little motivation for healthy eating as we approach Christmas Eve? It’s helpful to take a look at the big picture from time to time, and remind yourself why it’s important to make health a priority.

My healthy holiday tip for today: 
Find a deeply personal motivation for eating well. 

Yes. It is really that simple. Once you recognize that your own happiness/ self-confidence/ quality of life/ sense of achievement/ ability to care for others/ pride … depends on making healthy choices, you will feel inner motivation kicking in, nudging you towards decisions that you know are good for you. 

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If you’re looking to eat better, there’s something driving you to make this change. What is it? Get curious, and ask yourself, “Why do I want to change the way I eat?”

Find a couple of reasons that you care about deeply– perhaps you want to live a healthy life; perhaps you want to set a good example for your kids; perhaps you want to end the pain of emotional eating– whatever they are, write these down.

Now, this is the crucial step: regularly remind yourself of these reasons. Put them somewhere you can see, and recall your motivations when ordering at a restaurant, while grocery shopping, and before each meal.

Try it for yourself: 
  1. Ask yourself: “Why do I want to improve my eating habits?”  
  2. Look for a couple of reasons that you feel passionate about. 
  3. Remind yourself of these reasons before the big Christmas dinner.
  4. Notice any changes in what you eat. 
I love hearing your feedback! Please leave a message below and let me know how this went for you. I wish you a very merry holiday season and happy new year! 
Warm wishes, 

Healthy Holiday Eating #5: Tap into Your Motivation
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